Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are extremely durable. They create an ornate look for your yard or garden with many styles and colors to choose from. Aluminum is a popular fence style because it is very low maintenance and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee. When selecting an aluminum fence, there are several choices to consider that can impact its functionality, appearance, and overall performance. Here are some of the key choices you'll encounter:

Style: Aluminum fences come in a wide range of styles to suit different architectural and personal preferences. Common styles include picket, ornamental, privacy, and pool fences. The style you choose will determine the overall look and level of privacy provided by the fence.

Height: Aluminum fences are available in various heights, typically ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet. The height you select depends on your specific needs, such as privacy requirements or compliance with local regulations.

Finishes: Aluminum fences can be finished with different coatings to enhance their appearance and durability. Common finishes include powder coating and paint. Powder coating is a popular choice as it provides a durable, long-lasting finish that is resistant to fading, chipping, and corrosion. Painted finishes offer more color customization options but may require periodic maintenance.

Colors: Aluminum fences are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to coordinate the fence with your home's exterior or personal taste. Common colors include black, white, bronze, and green. Some manufacturers offer custom color options as well.

Pickets and Rails: The design of the pickets (vertical bars) and rails (horizontal bars) of an aluminum fence can vary. Picket styles range from traditional to decorative, and the number and spacing of pickets can impact the level of privacy and security provided by the fence. Rails can be straight or arched, adding visual interest to the fence.

Gate Options: When installing an aluminum fence, you'll need to consider the type and size of gates required for entry and exit. Aluminum fences offer various gate options, including single and double swing gates, sliding gates, and arched gates. The choice will depend on your specific needs and available space.

Post Caps: Post caps are decorative elements placed on top of fence posts. They not only add a finishing touch to the fence but also provide protection to the posts from weather elements. Aluminum fences offer a range of post cap styles, including flat caps, ball caps, and ornamental designs.

Accessories: Depending on your requirements, you may want to consider additional accessories for your aluminum fence, such as finials (decorative elements placed on top of pickets), puppy panels (narrower spacing at the bottom to prevent small pets from escaping), or latches and hinges for gates.

By considering these various choices, you can customize your aluminum fence to match your desired style, level of privacy, and specific functional requirements.

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